The grant is addressed to composers who have completed their training and/or have been working as composers for at least five years. Whereas students are not eligible for application, post-graduate students are welcome. In case they are accepted, applicants need to be ready to compose a piece for an Austrian ensemble. A performance during the residency cannot be guaranteed.

Musical instruments and electronic equipment cannot be provided. If notified to the organisers well in advance, a recording studio may be made available for several hours.

The organizers ask applicants for their understanding that musical exercises above room volume are only possible in the community studio of Schloss Laudon. Instruments taken along must be announced ahead of the residency.

The following application documents need to be submitted electronically via the "artists-in-residence" online platform within the respective deadline. Applications by post or email cannot be considered.

An application portfolio contains mandatorily the following documents:

  1. a completely filled-in application form,
  2. portrait photograph (standard quality, e.g. passport picture),
  3. CV including a detailed list of works and performances,
  4. a motivation letter (no more than 1 page) specifying current artistic interests and projects,
  5. a description of the project planned for the stay in Austria (1 page max.),
  6. one letter of recommendation (e.g. from a university institution, a music college, an orchestra, a music ensemble, institution related to art and culture, a concert organiser, etc.),
  7. information about all previous residencies, study visits and traineeships in Austria within the last 5 years,
  8. documentation of previous work as a composer (max. 2 exemplary scores, optionally one recording of a performance of one of these compositions; in case of electro-acoustic works please submit the score usually used in this medium; graphic scores are admissible).

Applications can be submitted as of now until no later than September 25, 2017, 24.00, upon registration at Artists-in-Residence Website. The electronic timestamp will be used to determine whether the submission was within the deadline (Central European Summer Time – CEST).

Jury meetings will be held at the end of October. The jury shall only consider complete applications.

Applicants will be informed in writing of the receipt of their submission and of the result of the jury meeting. Reasons given by the jury will not be communicated.

Please address queries to
Charlotte Sucher

Telephone queries under 0043 1 531 15-20 68 60
Kunst und Kultur
Artists in Residence