EU Work Plan for Culture

2007 the EU Ministers of Culture adopted the European Agenda for Culture, which is pursuing three strategic goals:

  • Promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
  • Promotion of culture as a catalyst for creativity in the context of the Lisbon Strategy for growth, employment, innovation, and the ability to compete
  • Culture as an important component of international relations

Priorities are agreed upon in the four-year Work Plan for Culture. Under the "open method of coordination" (OMC) experts of the Member States exchange best practice and work out policy recommendations. Austria takes part in all expert groups. The Federal Chancellery regularly hosts workshops to inform stakeholders about the outcome and new developments.

EU Work Plan for Culture 2015-2018

The EU Culture Council adopted on 25th November 2014 its new Work Plan which focuses on the following four priorities:

A) Accessible and inclusive culture
B) Cultural heritage
C) Cultural and creative sectors: creative economy and innovation;
D) Promotion of cultural diversity, culture in EU external relations and mobility

These priorities will be covered in ten OMC expert groups, several studies and events. Other important topics are comparable cultural statistic and the mainstreaming of culture in other EU policy areas.



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