The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria

Pursuant to the Federal Ministries Act (Federal Law Gazette I No. 11/2014) of 1 March 2014, the Arts Division and the Culture Division are integrated into the organisational structure of the Federal Chancellery. Since 1 May 2015 the areas of the Culture Division and the Arts Division were combined in the new Arts and Culture Division.

More information about the new organisation of the Arts and Culture Division is provided in German: Sektion.


The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Division II: Arts and Culture
Concordiaplatz 2
1010 Vienna, Austria

Director General’s Office

Phone: +43 1 531 15-0
Fax: +43 1 531 20-6809 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Jürgen Meindl Director General 206800
Kathrin Kneißel Staff 206390
Susanne Jandrasits Staff 203614
Leopold Kolar Staff 203472
Florian Philapitsch Staff 206845
Pia Maria Schölberger Staff 206861
Paul Stecher Staff 203613
Alexandra Auth Staff 206801
Anke Wappel Staff 206802