Departments with responsibilities for arts

Address and general information

The Federal Chancellery of Austria promotes contemporary art in Austria as well as Austrian artists abroad. The Ministry is responsible for federal funding programmes for all segments of contemporary art including the performing and fine arts, music and literature, film, new media, photography, architecture and design as well as regional cultural initiatives.

The various departments provide relevant information on the Ministry’s current subsidy schemes for arts. Also featured is a time schedule for the submission and funding of individual programmes.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact the staff at the departments of the Arts.

The Austrian Federal Chancellery
Division II: Arts and Culture
Concordiaplatz 2
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 531 15-0
+43 1 531 09-206809 (ext.)
Web (in German):

Department 1: Medals and awards, event management, special projects, digitization

The scope of responsibilities of the department comprises matters pertaining to medals and awards in the arts sector, the organisation of special projects, event management for the Arts and Culture Division, management of artist-in-residence and bilateral artist exchange programmes.

Department 1 is also responsible for culture topics.

More information of the topics are provided in German: Abteilung II/1

Fax: +43 1 531 09-206869 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Charlotte Sucher Head of department 206860
Martin Ure Deputy 203534
Sanja Corkovic Staff 203695
Maria Trenker Staff 206862
Ulrike Winkler Staff 203451
Christian Zistler Staff 203547
Anton Misanovic Staff 206863

Department 2: Music and performing arts, art schools, general art matters

Music, performing arts and art schools; general art matters; grants for concert organisers, festivals and seasonal events, theatres and independent groups; grants for ensembles and individuals (music, theatre, dance); artists’ aid; music and theatre contributions; investment grants; publications for music and performing arts including grants for music publishers.

Fax: +43 1 531 09-206829 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Brigitte Winkler−Komar Head of department 206820
Eva Kohout Deputy 206828
Andrea Ruis Staff 206826
Silvia Salge Staff 206824
Martin Seiwald Staff 206849
Alice Weihs Staff 206827
Anita Bana Staff 206821
Regina Luttenberger Staff 206823
Alexandra Schwabl Staff 206849

Department 3: Film

Innovative Film, grants for young filmmakers, documentary, animation and experimental films, Filmothek; matters concerning the Austrian Film Institute; representation of Austria in international film bodies (e.g. Creative Europa/EU, EURIMAGES); film agreements and participation in film-industry agreements; audiovisual matters in the context of WTO and GATS; film heritage.

Fax: +43 1 531 09-206889 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Barbara Fränzen Head of department 206880
Karl Hufnagl Deputy 206881
Stefan Hahn Deputy 206882
Anissa Baraka Staff 206886
Irmgard Hannemann−Klinger Staff 206883
Sabrina Teply Staff 206885

Publications in German:
Innovative Film Austria

Department 5: Literature and publishing, Libraries

Measures in support of literature, including children’s and youth literature; associations and events; literary and cultural magazines; literature scholarships; grants to publishers and grants to small publishers; translation grants; institutions pertaining to children’s and youth literature; drafting of the Federal Art Report.

Department 5 is also responsible for funding for libraries and public libraries division.

Fax: +43 1 531 09-206859 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Robert Stocker Head of department 206850
Gerhard Auinger Deputy 206852
Karin Pollak Staff 206851
Regina Schweighofer Staff 206853
Nicole Grecher Staff 206856
Elisabeth Horvath Staff 206857
Isabella Kronsteiner Staff 206829
Hanna Pfennigbauer Staff 206854
Silvia Adamek Staff (public libraries division) 2036129

Department 6: Visual arts, architecture, design, fashion, photography, video and media arts

Visual arts; architecture and design; fashion; photography; video and media arts; grants for associations, institutions, galleries and artists; artists’ aid; Artothek, artwork acquisitions; studio programmes; federal exhibitions.

Fax: +43 1 531 09-206819 or 206899 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Gudrun Schreiber Head of department 206831
Olga Okunev Deputy 206812
Claudia Ambros Staff 206816
Gabriele Cuny-Pierron Staff 202477
Herbert Hofreither Staff 206846
Gerhard Jagersberger Staff 206813
Siegfried Lass Staff 206817
Sigrid Olbrich-Krampl-Hiebler Staff 206819
Joana Pichler Staff 206818
Gerlinde Riener Staff 203629
Gabriele Kosnopfl Staff 206814

Department 7: Cultural initiatives, folks culture

Support of cultural development; grants for regional cultural initiatives and centres; interdisciplinary art and culture projects; children’s and youth literature; socio-cultural projects; applied cultural research and evaluation; measures in the field of cultural management.

Department 7 is also responsible for folks culture. More information of the topics are provided in German: Abteilung II/7

Fax: +43 1 531 09-206898 (ext.)

Contacts of the members
Name Function Ext.
Karin Zizala Head of department 206870
Sonja Olensky−Vorwalder Deputy 206875
Margot Arbeshuber Staff (folks culture) 203641
Wolfgang Matuschka Staff 206873
Ursula Paireder Staff 206874
Michaela Doppler Staff 206872